Automating Voice Ordering for Restaurants

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Voix enables restaurants to receive orders via voice interfaces, like Google Home, Alexa, or the phone. Voix cloud AI platform interacts on behalf of the restaurants with its customers to take orders and book tables.

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How Voix works

A voix customer calls your restaurant phone number to place an order

Customer calls the restaurant phone number or smart home device

Voix virtual order assistant takes the customer's order and sends to POS or Kitchen

Voix virtual order assistant takes the customer's order and sends to POS or Kitchen

Voix customer picks the order and enjoy your delicious food.

The customer picks the order and enjoys your delicious food

Why Voix

voix Smart ordering

Easy to start

All Voix need is the link of the restaurant menu, Voix’s Foodopedia links the menu with conversational maps and creates cloud AI access for restaurants.

Smart ordering

Voix connects with your customer over any voice interface like Alexa, Google Home, Mobile App, Call or SMS. Voix takes orders over multiple channels at the same time with zero hold time. Provide order estimates and confirmation to the customer.

voix Easy to start
voix smart upsell

Smart upsell

Intelligent suggestions to customers for ‘Special of the day ‘ or ‘Promotions’ based on machine learning to increase sales.

Real-time integration

Works seamlessly with your choice of any POS (Point of Sales) software and payment workflows.

voix Real-time integration
voix flexible allow complete customization


Allow complete customization like time based activation, welcome message, select assistant accents.

Actionable insights

For the first time, get phone order data with your customer’s profiles. Track order history, preferences and real-time trends to serve your customers better.

voix actionable insights

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